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Huge Thank you to These Patrons who have made our current 2022 Season possible! We couldn't do it without you and we applaud you! 

Gloria Gunn

Gene Hobson

William McAdam

Ryan Hurst

Patty McKinney 

Janelle Cruz 

Caroline Dunnaway

Stephanie Goldsmith

Thick Thighs Productions

Stephen & Kathi Shultz

Stephanie Goldsmith

Janelle Van Hook

Jessie Hendricks 

Elaine Hobson Miller

Rachel Rios

Angelica Alvarez

Danny Jouglet 

Laura Singer

Dylan Lench

Jesse Fiene

Ambika Silva

Sobit Singh Arora

Anna Reddington

Jeremy Ellis

Jason Hartfield 

Shyheim Lineberry

Marlon Argueta 

Nina Forrest 

Kasmira Buchanan 

Joel Kallman

Wendy Saxon 

Bonny Watercolors

Ty Key

Mike Reyes

Thank you for Supporting Live Theater and being part of the BoomStick Fam! 

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