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2021 Our Hybrid Season 

Catch our Virtually Streamed EMERGE from last summer here on Accidental Jacket's Youtube! 

Catch our Recording of our Live Show we co-produced with Accidental Jacket! Lachlan McKinney's Adaptation of  Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

2020 Our Virtual Season 

We teamed up with co-producers Accidental Jacket so that we could keep making digital theater during the pandemic! Check out what we've done on our Youtube Channel!

Watch Lachlan McKinney's One Man Production "Tragic Flaw" which we workshopped and produced in July of 2020

You can also click our Video to the left to find out how our creative team dealt with the holidays during 2020! We believe that laughter really is the best medicine! Have a laugh with our Holiday Short filmed entirely in quarantine!

2019 Our Inagural Season

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